Don't be naughty with your website content!
Work with Nauti on your website content!

Where are you getting your website content from? Are you being naughty? In this episode of the Nauti Nerds marketing podcast we tell you what you shouldn’t be doing when it comes to content! If you’re posting other people’s website content as your own, you need to listen to this episode… What content should you be putting out on your website?

We all know how important it is to keep website’s updated with new and fresh content and that can be a challenge for time-poor business owners and decision makers.

And so the temptation for some can be to just grab some content from other places and then repost it as your own.

But is this a good idea? In this episode, Tom talks us through when we should be copying and pasting our website content and when we absolutely should not be!

Listen as Tom Jauncey runs us through:

  • What website content we can copy
  • What website content we absolutely should not copy
  • What can happen if we get it wrong
  • A useful tool you can start using if you’re short on time

Click play on the player below to listen!

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