You're not a massive nerd because you want to focus on mental health in your business!

Business can be tough.

Life can be even tougher.

And that’s why you need to take steps to prioritise the mental health in your business and ensure you’ve got the tools in place to overcome all of life’s challenges.

It’s something our senior team here at Nautilus Marketing are very passionate about.

In this heartfelt episode, our ‘head nerd’ Tom talks us all through what he does to ensure he’s equipped with the right tools to cope with the pressure of running and owning a marketing business.

Listen as Tom Jauncey runs us through: 

  • What challenges he faces
  • The epiphany he had after chatting with his therapist
  • What tools he’s put in place to help the whole team at Nautilus Marketing to feel they have the right level of support in place 

By the way, this episode mentions the “Diary of a CEO” podcast with Steven Bartlett. 

While we’re not going to encourage you to go and listen to that episode straight away before you’ve listened to ours, the ‘Ant’ Tom refers to in the episode is Ant Middleton.

And you can go and find that episode by searching in YouTube for “Diary of a CEO” and “Ant Middleton”.
Yeah, go watch it because their video isn’t competing with our podcast.
But go later, not now.
Right now, you’ve got more important things to do, such as listening to this episode of the Nauti Nerds podcast, which is talking all about focusing on mental health in your business.

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