Why use an SEO agency at all? Head 'nerd' Tom chats to a client about how SEO has helped his business.

There are good SEO agencies and bad SEO agencies and sometimes it can be tempting to avoid them all. That’s why we’re talking to a client to understand his experience and perspective on having worked with an SEO agency for a year.

In this episode of the Nauti Nerds marketing podcast we explain WHY you might want to use an SEO agency at all!

So, why would you use an SEO agency at all?

Honestly, SEO is a minefield when it comes to unscrupulous and unethical agencies who just want to take your money.

The lack of regulation in the SEO industry has lead to an influx problems with unqualified individuals practicing their craft.

Firms who work as Search Engine Optimisation consultants can be easily set up by people who don’t have any actual training, knowledge or experience which can result negatively if not disastrously for your business’s online presence.

Staff at an SEO agency don’t require any formal training or qualifications to scrutinise their skills or abilities to do the job.

While qualifications aren’t necessarily an important and vital indicator for how good someone might be for doing SEO, the very low barrier to entry means it’s worryingly easy for people to set up an SEO agency and take your money.

As a result, there are a lot of people in the space who don’t know what they’re actually doing.

That’s why we’ve decided to release this episode to reassure you that there is still a lot of benefit to hiring a reputable SEO agency.

In this instalment of the Nauti Nerds podcast, Podknows Podcasting founder Neal Veglio talks us through his experience of working with an SEO agency – US!

Neal describes what it was that first convinced him Nautilus Marketing was the SEO agency he wanted to work with.

He also talks about the things he notices about other SEO practitioners and offers some red flags of his own.

We mention that episode a few times.

Go here to listen if you haven’t done so yet.

Listen to this new episode as Tom Jauncey talks to Neal Veglio about:

  • The value in outsourcing your SEO to an agency
  • Being approached by SEO scammers
  • Neal’s thought’s on ‘Black Hat’ SEO
  • Advice for any business thinking of working with an SEO agency and stepping up their SEO

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