Ditch the Trustpilot customer reviews website. It sucks. Here's why...

Have you been gathering ratings in the Trustpilot customer reviews website? Yep, so were we…

We’ve taken the decision to ditch the Trustpilot customer reviews website.

It’s not very good now.

Yes, we know.

We sang its praises way back in episode 22, titled “When nerds have a reputation: Tom’s guide to keeping yours intact online using Google My Business, Trustpilot and other tools

But that was back when the site was good.

It isn’t anymore.

It’s started acting quite shady.

And it’s risking damaging the reputation of your business.

We’ve taken the executive decision to abandon our professional relationship with the website, and we’re suggesting you do the same.

Want to know why?

Have a listen to this week’s episode (episode 95) of the Nauti Nerds podcast to find out!

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