SEO agency red flags you need to be aware of to ensure your nerdy website succeeds!

Good SEO is vital for your website, and so it’s likely that you’ll want to hire professional help. But not all SEO services are equal so our nerds wanted to tip you off to some SEO agency red flags you need to be aware of.

Because there is no regulation around SEO, anyone can set up an SEO agency.

And there’s nothing to keep them honest, meaning they can promise you the earth and never deliver.

Among some of the shady practices that other SEO agency staff will try to pull off (none of ours do!) are using black hat optimisation and buying dodgy backlinks.

But being in the market for buying SEO help is a minefield and you need to ensure you ask the SEO agency you’re thinking of working with the right questions.

And that’s the goal of this episode.

Listen as Tom Jauncey runs us through: 


  • Fixed contracts and why they’re a bad thing in SEO
  • How important correct SEO reporting is (we use SEMrush)
  • Not telling you what they’re going to do to help your SEO
  • Using black hat methods to generate backlinks

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