PPC vs SEO: what's best for ranking on Google?

People ask us this question quite regularly. “Hey Nauti Nerds, what’s best between PPC vs SEO?”

Mind blown.

That’s all we can say.

When it comes to getting your site ranking on Google, there’s a pretty clear rule to this.

If you’ve been considering starting an SEO campaign, then we can only applaud you.

But what if you’re already spending a substantial amount on PPC ad campaigns on Google and other platforms?

Does this mean you don’t need to do any SEO?

If only life was that simple!

We have a client we’ve been working with, and their marketing campaign needed a bit of guidance.

Thankfully, they decided to start working with us, so they’re all good now.

But it got us Nauti Nerds pondering the question.

If you’re doing loads of PPC (pay-per-click) do you actually need to do SEO?

So, we decided the Nautilus Marketing would address this for this week’s episode of the Nauti Nerds podcast.

Our ‘head nerd’ Tom talks us all through what the differences are between PPC vs SEO and which one will bring our business better results.

Listen as Tom Jauncey runs us through: 

  • A real client case study
  • Why SEO isn’t always considered as important
  • Tom’s suggestion if you’re spending a lot on PPC campaigns 

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