How Being Bullied Became My Branding

Bullying shouldn’t exist but the sad reality is, it does.

In this episode, Tom shares his story of how the toughest time of his life became a true force for good.

Tom used to get bullied due to the fact he liked drama, acting and simply learning. When he was growing up, he was constantly branded a nerd because he either had his head in a book or spent his free time learning new software, opposed to kicking a football around a field.

Sure, Tom was different but different is good! Different means you stand out from the crowd and in this episode, Tom shares how by being different, by standing out, embracing who he was and the fact he is a proud nerd, it allowed him to create a brand which wouldn’t be what it is today, if he hadn’t have been bullied.

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The Nauti Nerds is a Nautilus Marketing podcast and produced by Urban Podcasts.