Giving Back To Get More

Head Nerd, Tom, loves oceans, water and nature (hence why Nautilus is called Nautilus).

In this episode, Tom shares how by helping protect the planet, it has allowed Nautilus to secure more clients.

Nautilus frequently donates profits to wonderful charities across the UK who are doing their bit to protect our oceans, environments and future. From working with Cornish seal sanctuaries to carbon offsetting, at the very heart of Nautilus there is a true passion for good.

Most businesses want to do the right thing and give back to the wonderful planet in which we habitat. Tom has found that more clients are choosing to use Nautilus’ services over competitors, as they feel by doing so, they are contributing towards living in a greener and more sustainable world due to the charitable work Nautilus does.

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The Nauti Nerds is a Nautilus Marketing podcast and produced by Urban Podcasts.