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Technology can make or break a business

Welcome to another episode of “The Nauti Nerds”. 

Technology is awesome.

At Nautilus, we fully embrace it.

As someone who gets excited about new technologies and software, Tom loves implementing them to benefit our clients, team, and business growth.

Our entire business runs on HubSpot for CRM and Slack for project management. We also use Trello for our web and graphic design, social media, and copywriting projects, and Slack for our social media client channels, SEO, and PPC.

We’re ready for a new workflow!

We’d never ever complain about being busy. We’re a team of energetic, dedicated nerds and we love what we do. But, as our workload increases, we are finding that our current workflow is no longer as effective as it once was before we grew into the Nautilus of now.

Although Slack has been great for collaboration, we are now transitioning to Monday.com, a management system that a client introduced to us.

It is an amazing platform that we’re phasing the team into, and it has helped me plan my week and content production for our podcast, Nauti Nerds.

In this episode, Tom will be talking us through how this transition will be helping us grow our business, and explaining how some technology can hinder some businesses!

Why you’ll want to listen:

  • Learn about the importance of embracing new technology for business success
  • Discover how Nautilus uses new technologies to benefit their clients, team, and business growth
  • Understand the need for a new workflow as workload increases
  • Learn about the benefits of new technologies in time management and collaboration
  • Discover how new technologies can help to improve team culture
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