Don't stay stuffy in your messaging. Dare to try 'different' branding!

The worst possible way to get attention for your business is to do it the same way as everybody else!

The other day, Jake from Nautlius was doing his thing, offering services.

He used our marketing phrase ‘nerds’.

Someone saw this and offered us some solicited (and frankly BAD) advice on how we shouldn’t be referring to ourselves in that way.

The good thing is, that encounter has inspired a whole episode about branding.

And specifically, how to do ‘different’ branding!

Do you want to be just like everyone else and play by the same rules, fighting for the same customers?

Or do you want to do it a bit differently and soar to new heights of success, with new exciting customers?

Well, if it’s the latter, it’s time to check out the latest episode of our podcast!

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