How to nail your customer relationship building - and attract them using WhitePress!

The lesser mentioned aspect of marketing is  customer relationship building 

Let’s face it, the marketing part is the easier part.

Anybody can post content and attract customers into a marketing funnel.

But what about the part where you have to convince them to buy from you if they’ve still not yet heard of you?

Sometimes you need to  dig a little deeper in your arsenal to find the weapons you’ll need to infiltrate the target camp.

And this is where this week’s episode comes in very useful indeed!


Welcome to WhitePress

We’ve been working with WhitePress for quite some time now.

If you’re not familiar with it, WhitePress is a website which allows you to buy links to your messaging, from other high authority websites.

Anyone who knows anything about SEO will tell you that link building is a vital aspect of a decent strategy. But more than that, link building can become a major part of wider customer relationship building.

The correct links to your site can lead to greater trust.

Steven Khanna from WhitePress – masterclass on customer relationship building


In this episode we talk to Steven Khanna who is in charge of business development at WhitePress.

He offers us a ‘masterclass’ on all aspects of building customer relationships, including learning to love the dreaded cold call!

Why you’ll want to listen:

  • The importance of building customer relationships.
  • Why you need to obsess about your dream clients.
  • How to leverage commonalities.
  • What WhitePress does.

Click on the player to listen!

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