Do you need a CRM software tool?

CRM software isn’t a rare treasure. But is it as valuable as people claim?

Mention CRM software to someone, and unless they’re working in marketing, their eyes will probably start to glaze.

The truth is, CRM is the unsexy side of marketing

Yet, it’s really important.

Without applying CRM – Customer Relationship Management – how are you supposed to keep on top of where you are with customers on their journey with you?

Are they in the middle of the sales process?

Are they ready to buy?

Do they need more information from you that you’ve promised to send?

You won’t easily be able to recall any of that stuff unless you’ve added the info to your CRM system.

But what CRM software tool should you use?

That’s exactly the question Tom will be answering in this episode of the Nauti Nerds podcast.


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